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This is an information page for those folks who are thinking about taking up the hobby of sexy and wet pissing phone sex. Pissing phone sex can get very wet, so bring some paper towels. You may have a fantasy or a piss fetish that has a unique place in the lexicon of sex. Don't despair. You can have it any way that you want it. The pissing girls will delight you with a golden stream. Do not be shy. Tell them that you are jacking off and need a little help. So piss louder. The more free and easy the conversation the more likely that the girl will be getting off herself. It is one of the perks of the job and they take it very seriously. On the right side of this text are a few links to specific and popular categories. There are only a few, but follow the links and you will find what you want. All sex is good phone sex. On these pages you can choose the type of phone sex that you like. There is no such thing as a taboo so you need not worry about stepping over some invisible line. The phone sex girls all love their jobs and will do any thing to please you. If you are an adult you will find that phone sex is great entertainment. Pick a time when you will not be interrupted before you call the number. Have your credit card ready

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